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What is Conscious Soul Music?

"Conscious Because we Know, Souls because that's the what we are, and Music because its Our Culture."

Conscious Soul Music is a New Genre of Music based out of Motown, Founded to reclaim the Good Brand of Detroit Music and Camaraderie. It is Music that is Inspired by Self-propelled Artists who so desires to Usher in a new "Clean" form of Music that may shine as a Light throughout the World and connect with All Cultures. We are aware of the need to Produce newer and more Creative Music for the New Generation Today and Tomorrow. 

Conscious Soul is Music that Connects with people because it is Music that is made with Love and the awareness of being connected to others. It isn't anything that is Radical and Agitating, nor does it lead in any Confusion when it comes to our Freedom to Express  Ourselves and Speak to the Public. We as a New Genre has made it into the categories of Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul Grooves, Gospel, Jazz, and Funk as we continue to expand our Brand. 

Conscious Soul is Music that is Inspired and Motivated by "Good Thoughts" and is designed to Unite a Human Family through the Culture of Music. We are driven in a Cause of saving our Youth and our Future as we are Rebuilding a platform of Good Motor City Music in connection with our Legendary place in Music History. Conscious Soul Music is "Feel Good" Music, as we will continue to Produce the Real..."Good Music" for Today and the Future.

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